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Security. We Do Security.

We don't do BandAids. We don't do tactics. We develop strategic approaches based on concrete assessments to ensure the highest and most agile
security  posture possible. You won't find any sexy terms or conflated promises here - we're serious about security and we're focused on the problem,
not short-term cash-flow.

HumanLed focuses on determining what countermeasures you should institute and what safeguards you should buy and deploy - we're prescriptive and
technology-agnostic. Our clients range from government, private industry and federal and community law enforcement. The core of what we do is cyber
security but we're well aware that many domains - policy, application, physical, infrastructure, network, resource, etc. - play an inextricable part in true
cyber security.

This is what one of our more simple cyber frameworks looks like (click image) to enlarge:     Cyber Crime Framework

While improving organizational security posture based on the value of assets, regardless of the threats or malicious actors behind them, we scrutinize the
important aspects of your organization to ensure you meet your required security targets through. The methodology we use is our own - the Threat
Information Gathering and Incident Reporting methodology, which is the basis of  our Threat Risk Analysis tool, TIGIR.

TIGIR was developed to be asset-driven, to meet the new cyber threat climate, to enhance the foundational formula to yield specific valuation data and
to address known short-comings.