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Key Canadian Departmental Experience


Valarie’s current areas of research focus on terrorism as a social model, body-worn cameras in law enforcement and the  effectiveness of law
enforcement organizations. Her research can be viewed on ReserachGate.

Articles and Studies

Valarie has written for the Hill Times, Police Chief magazine, Vanguard, Embassy News, Canadian Executive, FrontLine and Security Sector
Reform, including:


CACP eCrimes Council - Body Worn Camera Project: Data Schemas
The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO, Terrorism Episode: Valarie Findlay on the Threat of Cyber-Warfare - January 2015
Valarie Findlay Discussing  Communicating the Threat, her recent study in progress in partnership with CATA Alliance - January 2015

Speaking Engagements

Scholarly Essays & Papers

Is 'Women's Work' Less Valued Than 'Men's Work'? PDF Download
The Association of Strong Globalisation and Weakening State Power PDF Download
Understanding the Effects of Gender Norms on Workforces PDF Download
Cyber Security in the Wake of Innovation: Will Technological Innovation Break Cyber Security As We Know It? PDF Download



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Valarie Findlay, President

Valarie Findlay has two decades of senior expertise in Canadian and US government. She has managed and participated in the transformation of mission critical systems, developed cyber security strategies and frameworks to meet data, resource and system requirements and identified capabilities and methodologies to deliver counter-measures aligned with departmental security strategies.

She has a Masters in Terrorism Studies (International Relations, University of St. Andrew's), wrote her dissertation on the transformation of Western law enforcement  and is currently writing her thesis on terrorism as a social model (DocSoSci, Social Science, University of Leicester).

Valarie is a member of the Canadian Assoc of Chief's of Police eCrimes Council, AFCEA Cyber Council, NATO Canada, International Assoc of Chief's of Police, Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society, Women in International Security (WIIS) and is a research fellow with the Police Foundation (US).