TIGIR Makes Cyber Threat-Risk Assessments Simple, Fast, Accurate and Data-Rich

Frustrated with the cost, complexity and lack of valuation of old-style risk management tools?

60% Cost Reduction. 75% Less Work Effort.
Better Valuation Data.

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TIGIR Answers 3 Important Questions:

1.   How much are my organization's assets worth to us, our
       partners, our shareholders, our customers and the sector?
2.   If an asset is stolen, damaged, unavailable or modified
       what are the costs and impacts?
3.   What are our current weaknesses in securing those assets?

Cross-sector, multi-domain (more than cyber), TIGIR produces customizable, editable reports and saves your data for easy updating.

And you don't need to be a security professional to use it.

The long accepted risk formula  has been: 
Assets + Threats + Vulnerabilities = Risk

TIGIR blew that formula up and developed a richer formula that is powered by its algorithm. 

It's just better. And smarter.

A T V R1

TIGIR - that stands for Threat Information Gathering and Incident Reporting - does all of the heavy-lifting for you. It is the only cyber threat risk management application that provides dynamic risk assessment - simply, rapidly and accurately - for any organization  that can't waste time and money when reducing risk exposure.

TIGIR’s patent-pending algorithm is a number-cruncher. It handles  complex calculations on asset value to the organization and stakeholders and the cost impacts if things go south. TIGIR designs risk recommendations based on organization and asset valuation using a decision-based design to save time.